Main Reasons for Computer Freezing - Computer hang or slow down

Reasons for Computer Freezing 

If the computer is turned off without warning there are a few things that could cause this. A problem may arise with system overheating, a problem or an error in the hardware, virus, or problems with the operating system.  

Reasons for Computer Freezing

There are different types of system snow problems and each category is covered by 

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1. Power Issues 

The PC power supply is probably the most common computer failure. Your computer power unit must be efficient enough to supply enough power to the system. A common failure of the PC power supply is often seen as a burning odor just before the computer shuts down. Another problem could be the failure of an important coolant, which allows the electrical components to heat up. 

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2. To Multiple App Running 

Each application opened on your system takes internal and software resources to continue operating. It not only interrupts your work but also slows down your computer. And this is why your computer starts to slow down and stop. Close applications running in the background on your computer may free program resources to some of your programs. This can solve problems where your system is running low or more than one program is trying to use the same tool. It may also help to determine if there is a conflict with third party software running on your system.  

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3. Overheating 

Excessive heat can cause systemic overheating. CPU is a major concern as it is very sensitive and critical to computer performance. The only signs that you can see the high temperature of your processor are unusual noises at the start and at the lowest volume. See if the cooling fan is working properly or not. Sometimes a cold fan gets stuck due to dirt and does not go well. 

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4. Insufficient RAM 

You must have noticed that your computer sometimes starts to get severely compromised. If your PC always lights up, restarts, or delivers BSOD (Blue Screen of Death), black RAM may be a problem. Corrupted files can be another sign of bad RAM, especially if corruption is found in files you have recently used. It is mandatory to have a virtual RAM to keep the system running smoothly. Sometimes, there may be applications and 3D games installed on the device that make it worse and that is why it causes system issues. 

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5. Driver Corruption / Error 

Drivers are pieces of software that allow Hardware devices to communicate with other Hardware devices and operating system. Drivers are often exploited by computer systems, for they are at greater risk of failure. Driver fraud is a common cause of blue screen errors. Older driving can also cause problems, often affecting performance or performance. Keep your system updated with Windows Update, or by downloading from the manufacturer. 

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6. Hardware Problem 

The main reason behind the removal of computer hardware is hardware malfunction. Sometimes you notice that your computer screen color changes mainly to Blue, BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). This may be due to a modified Hardware feature that you have installed on your computer. 


Part of the hardware you installed, may not be compatible with your computer. Check by removing the hardware that you installed recently whether the computer is working properly or not. If it is better than enjoying it in another way look for another suitable method of deleted hardware. 

Hardware Problem

7. Operating System Issues 

Known as BSOD, make your computer empty. Only to see the blue screen with the error message. A problem arises when you try to perform certain tasks such as storing certain documents. At that moment your computer does not know how to respond. And that is basically because of the lack of a DLL file. 


Sometimes, when you try to install an application, your computer does not allow you to perform this specific task. It makes your computer freeze. To ensure the proper operation of the machine, make sure all updates are installed. it is important that you use an official copy of the operating system. 


It is always best to use an official copy of Microsoft Windows so that you can download the updates. If you are using Windows 10, the update option automatically opens. If the problem persists, you should take this device to support the computer.  

Operating System Issues
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8. BIOS Configuration or Setting 

Both Intel PCs and AMD PCs have something called BIOS that determines the boot system configuration. The BIOS stands for 'Input Output System'. It handles CPU implementation, memory system, installed hardware, and a computer operating system. Sometimes it happens that you are doing some work with the BIOS setup and unfortunately every setting is set in error because the PC either stops working or freezes. 


If this is what caused the system to shut down, reset the BIOS settings. To reset the BIOS settings, use the F9 key to set the default, followed by F10 to save and exit. Settings that you can change in the BIOS of your PC depending on the computer you are using and the BIOS program. 


Most settings are highly technical and are not intended for intermediate PC users. If the problem persists, you should take this device to support the computer. 

Always make sure the BIOS firmware is updated regularly to protect such issues.  

BIOS Setting

9. Computer Virus 

As a biological virus - which makes you sick. Its fun going on, it keeps you working normally, and it usually needs something powerful to end it. The computer virus is very similar. Designed for consistent replication, computer viruses infect your programs and files, alter your computer performance, or stop working altogether. 


Viruses can be spread via email and text message attachments, Internet file downloads, and social media scam connections. To avoid contact with the virus, it is important to be careful when using the web, downloading files, and opening links or attachments. To help keep you safe, never download unexpected text or email attachments, or files from unreliable websites. 


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