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How to Write a Blog Post Fast For SEO
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So, you want to write your first blog post? But I don’t know how to get started, right? Writing your first blog post can be a challenge, which is why you need to readHread this article. Hi, everyone, I am giving you a sharp article related to this content, here you will learn how to write your first blog post.


I will be sharing my 10 tips to help you write your first blog post.


You are writing this blog post, for some reason you do not get any rates and Google search traffic at all. And you know? Today, I’m going to share why that is so and how I can fix that. (How to Create A Blog for Beginners). 


Hi everyone, I'm Samar. And today I’m going to explain the first reason why your blog is unbalanced. Now, a quick question for you. How many blogs do you write per week? Is it one? Is it zero? Is it 10? The real reason I ask this question is that blogging is no longer a game of sum. Blogging has moved away from the quality game compared to the price game. I will break down the formula you need to follow, step by step. If you want to write embedded content.   


The formula you need to follow    


The first step   

Go to the Ubersuggest website.   

The second step   

If you are still in Ubersuggest, type within the competition URL. So, take any of your competitors who just know you're doing better than that, type their URL into Ubersuggest.   

The third step   

You will see a full view page. This will show you their traffic, all of their search terms, within your current region. Therefore, at Ubersuggest we conducted a search within the United States. You will only see traffic for this United States URL. You can always change the region. But the reason why this tool is designed in such a way is that your customers from a particular region may be compared to anywhere in the world. When you find these keywords, they are the keywords in the currency. I want you to go and search 'Google on Google.   

The fourth step   

So, go to Google, search, or any of those keywords. When searching, read all the articles in the top ten. Reading all of the top ten articles will give you a better understanding of what Google is looking for articles in that name. Especially if you want your position.   

The next step   

Writing the best article. I’m not talking about something double, triple length. I’m not even talking about 10 lengths. Yes, you want something far deeper and deeper. But it has nothing to do with height. So much for accuracy.   

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So, let’s get started!   

1. Decide what to write   

If you have never written a blog post before, the first challenge is to decide what to write. Choose something you like and just love to read, talk, or listen. If you love something, you will love to write about it.   

2. Have Practical Information   

Before you start writing about any particular topic, you should have some prior knowledge that understands this topic. If you already know about this topic, that is complete, if not, go read other blogs, magazine articles, books, or whatever you can find information on. First of all, go through the research and once you have collected the information, start writing.   

3. Write the Title First   

9 out of 10 people will read the articles and only 3 of them will read the content. So always start with an interesting topic that catches the reader's attention. If your headline is unpopular, no one will read your article. Also, writing articles for your blog post first ensures you are not moving on the topic.   

4. Start Writing   

Many people spend hours, days, or weeks writing their first essay, and why? Because first-time writing can be intimidating and many negative thoughts come to mind. But you do not need to think too much, just get rid of any fears and start writing.  

5. Make Article Swimmable   

Keep up with relevant content that readers will like. A piece of good content is between 500 words and 1000 words, anything less than 500 words is wrong with an SEO perspective, and more than 1000 words annoying readers. So, break them down into smaller sections and make the article bookable so that readers don’t get caught up in it.   

6. Be Yourself   

When you start writing your first blog post, it’s easy to attract other successful writers and copy their own writing style. But don't try to copy anyone's style. Write about your style, be yourself because your writing style is your product.   

7. You and I Rule   

When writing content, always imagine that you are speaking directly to the reader and the reader is sitting in front of you. This activates your article and you will be talking directly to your reader. Apply (Me and you) to all of your articles.   

8. Use Attractive Images   

Use images in your blog because “Images speak for themselves” and sometimes make descriptions in a way that is better than thousands of words. So, use images in your blog post to make it beautiful and professional.   

9. Formatting Tips   

If you've visited those awesome websites since the 90s, you must have seen how difficult it is to read those articles as the author did not format the articles for better reading. Don't be one of the writers. Use appropriate punctuation and consider: using dot points to make it simple and attractive, bold letters to emphasize, categories of topics such as h1, h2, h3, etc. If appropriate formatting is required as it creates a good impression and provides a better learning experience.  

10. Finish with Call to Action  

What should a reader do after reading your blog post? Don't keep them hanging in, tell them what they will do next. Always end up calling something. Driving in action can be anything depending on your preference but not more than one. Finish your blog post that encourages your readers to do something like asking their opinions on this topic, ask a question, or request to share your blog post.  


So, these were the top 10 tips for writing your first blog post. I hope you will learn from these tips and will be able to write your first blog post. If you enjoyed this article, please share it with someone you think might benefit from this post.  


And before I leave, the question of the day: How many times a week do you write? Let me know in the comments below. 

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