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Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Word 

Microsoft word keyboard shortcuts
MS Word Keyboard shortcuts

MS Word Keyboard Shortcuts: Today my article strikes with a Microsoft Word shortcut, and there are two different ways to try to do this on a PC. the first home tab, this is usually a strike by the command that we would like to use our keyboard shortcuts to appeal to. Shortcuts not only save our time but also make our job easier. 
Basically, while you are doing any work in MS Office if I am not familiar with keyword shortcuts then it takes a long time to complete any task. So, today I give you the key to the edge of the simple selected Microsoft Word keyboard. I hope this doesn't matter to you. 


Generally Used Shortcut key:  

Ctrl +B Creat Bold letters
Ctrl+U Make letters Underlined
Ctrl +I Make the letters Italic
Ctrl + ← (Left arrow) Move to the beginning of the existing word
Ctrl + → (Right arrow) Move to the beginning of the next word
Ctrl + ↓ (Down arrow) Move to the beginning of the next paragraph
Ctrl+[ Font size by 1 point.
Ctrl+] Font size by 1 point.
Ctrl+Space Remove paragraph and character formatting.
Ctrl+C Copy the selected text or item.
CTRL + U Underline Text
Ctrl+V Paste text or object.
Ctrl+X Cut the selected text.
Ctrl+Y Redo.
Ctrl+Z Undo.
Ctrl+Shift+< Reduce font size to 1 px
Ctrl+Shift+> Increase the font size to 1 px.
Ctrl+Shift+ G Open the Word Count dialog box.
Ctrl+Shift+ V Paste formatting only
Ctrl+Shift +Space Create Space
Ctrl+Alt+ V Paste special
Press / key on numeric keypad Show/Hide character formatting

Edit, Move, Save, Open:  

Ctrl + M Indent a paragraph
Ctrl + Shift + M Remove an indent
Ctrl + N Create a new document.
Ctrl + O Open a document.
Ctrl + S Save a document.
Ctrl + W Close a document.
Ctrl + T Hanging indent
Ctrl + Shift + T Remove a dangling indent
ALT+ F7 Moves to the Next Misspelling
Alt +Ctrl+S Split the window or Remove window split.
Alt+ Shift+C Remove the document window split.
Ctrl+Page Up Move to the edit location.
Ctrl + Page Down Move to the subsequent edit location.
Alt+Ctrl+P Switch to Print Layout view.
Alt+ Ctrl+O Switch to Outline view.
Alt+ Ctrl+N Draft view.
Ctrl + Backspace Delete one-word toward the left
Ctrl + Delete Delete one word to the proper

Shortcut key for Paragraph, Documents:  

Home Beginning of line
END End of line
Ctrl + E Center a paragraph
Ctrl + L Left-align a paragraph
Ctrl + R Right-align a paragraph
Ctrl + J Justify a paragraph
Ctrl +Tab Insert a tab character.
CTRL+HOME Beginning of Document
CTRL+END End of Document
Ctrl+ Shift + N Remove all Formatting
Ctrl + Enter Create a page break
Shift + Enter Create a line break
Alt + Ctrl + M Insert a comment
Alt+ Shift+ Up Arrow  Move selected outline paragraphs upward.
Alt+ Shift+ Down Arrow Move selected outline paragraphs downward.
Alt+Shift+ [+ (Plus Sign) Text expedition under a heading.
Alt+Shift+ - (Minus Sign) Collapse text below a heading.
Alt+ Shift+A Expand or show all text.
slash (/) key on the keypad Hide or display character formatting.
Alt+ Shift+L the first line of the body.
Alt+ Shift+1 Show all headings with the Heading 1 style.
Alt + Shift+N Show all up to Heading.
Alt+ Shift+ Left Arrow Promote a paragraph in an overview.
Alt+ Shift+ Right Arrow Demote a paragraph in an overview.
Alt+ Shift+ Right Arrow Demote a paragraph in an overview.

Outline view Shortcut key:  

Alt + Shift +A Collfall or show all text or titles
Alt + Shift + – combine draft text below the title
Alt + Shift + Left arrow Promote a paragraph in an overview
Alt + Shift + Right arrow Demote a paragraph in an overview
Alt + Shift + Up arrow Move the selected section of the frame up
Alt + Shift + Down arrow Move the selected section of the frame down

Print Layout, Table, Replace:  

Ctrl+ P Print a document.
Ctrl + Alt + P Move to Print Layout view
Ctrl + Alt + O Switch to Stipulate view
Alt+ Ctrl+I Print Preview.
Ctrl+ Home Move to the primary preview page when zoomed out.
Ctrl+ End Move to the last page when zoomed out.
Ctrl+F Find text, formatting, and special items.
Alt +Ctrl+Y Repeat find (after closing find window).
Ctrl+H text, specific formatting, and special items.
Ctrl+G Go to bookmark, footnote, table of a page
Alt +Ctrl +Z Switch between the last four that you have edited.
Alt+Ctrl +Home Open a list of browse options.
Alt+ Ctrl+M Insert a comment.
Ctrl+ Shift+E Turn tracking on or off.
Alt+ Shift+C Close the Reviewing Pane if it's open.
Home Go to Doc-Converter of the document.
End Go to end of Doc-Converter
n, enter Go to page n.
Esc Exit reading layout view.
Alt+ Shift+O Mark a table of contents entry.
Alt+ Shift+I Mark a table of authorities entry.
Alt+ Shift+X Mark an index entry.
Alt+ Ctrl+F Insert a footnote.

Web Page, Editing Text, Character Formatting:  

Ctrl+ K Insert a hyperlink.
Alt+ Arrow Left Go back one page.
Alt+ Arrow Right Go forward one page.
F9 Refresh.
Backspace Delete one character to the left.
Ctrl+ Backspace Delete one word to the left.
Delete Delete one character to the
Ctrl+ Delete Delete one word to the right.
Ctrl+ X Cut selected text to the Clipboard.
Ctrl+ Z Undo the last action.
Ctrl+ F3 Cut to the Spike.
Press alt+h to move to the home tab.
Ctrl+C Copy text.
Ctrl+X Cut text.
Ctrl+V Paste.
f2 Move text.
Shift+ f2 Copy text or graphics once.
Alt+ F3 Create AutoText
Shift+ F10 Show the shortcut menu
Ctrl+F3 Cut to the Spike.
Ctrl+ Shift+F3 Paste the Spike contents.
Alt+ Shift+R Copy the header or footer.
Ctrl+ Shift+C Copy formatting from text.
Ctrl+ Shift+ V Apply copied formatting to text.

Special Character:  

Ctrl + F9 A field
Shift+ Enter A line break
Ctrl+ Enter A page break
Ctrl+ Shift+ Enter A column break
Alt+ Ctrl + - Larger Dash
Ctrl+ - Dash
Ctrl+ - (Hyphen) An optional hyphen
Ctrl+ Shift+ - (Hyphen) A nonbreaking hyphen
Ctrl+ Shift+ Space A nonbreaking space
Alt+ Ctrl + C The copyright symbol
Alt+ Ctrl + R The registered trademark symbol
Alt+ Ctrl + T The trademark symbol
Alt+ Ctrl + . An ellipsis
Ctrl+ Arrow Up One paragraph up
Ctrl+ Arrow Down One paragraph down
Shift+ Tab One cell to the left (table)
Tab One cell to the right (table)
Arrow Up Up to one line
Arrow Down Down one line
End End of a line
Home Beginning of a line
Alt+ Ctrl+ Page Up Top of the window
Alt+ Ctrl+ Page Down End of the window
Page Up scrolling Up
Page Down Scrolling Down
Ctrl+ Page Down Jump to Next page
Ctrl+ Page Up Previous page
Ctrl+ End End of a document
Ctrl+ Home Beginning of a document
Shift+ F5 Previous revision
Shift+ F5 locate the last closed

Working with Table, Paragraph style: 

Tab To the next cell in a row
Shift+ Tab To the previous cell in a row
Alt+ Home To the first cell in a row
Alt+ End To the last cell in a row
Alt+ Page Up To the first cell in a column
Alt+ Page Down To move to direct the last cell
Arrow Up To the row
Arrow Down To the next row
Alt+ Shift+ Arrow Up One row up
Alt+ Shift+ Arrow Down One row down
Ctrl+ Shift+F Open the Font dialog box to the font.
Ctrl+ Shift+ < Decrease font size one value
Ctrl+ Shift+> Increase font size one value
Ctrl+ [ Increase the font size by 1
Ctrl+D Open the Font dialog box.
Shift+F3 The case of letters.
Ctrl+ Shift+ A All letters as capitals.
Ctrl+ B Apply bold formatting.
Ctrl+ U Apply an underline.
Ctrl+ Shift+ W Underline words but not spaces.
Ctrl+ Shift+ D Double-underline text.
Ctrl+ Shift+ H Apply hidden text formatting.
Ctrl+ I Apply italic formatting.
Ctrl+ Shift+ K Format letters as small Doc-Converter
Ctrl+ = Apply automatic spacing.
Ctrl+ Shift+ Plus Sign(+) Apply Doc-Converter formatting.
Ctrl+ Space Remove manual character formatting.
Ctrl+ Shift+ Q Change the selection to the font.
Ctrl+ 1 Single-space lines.
Ctrl+ 2 Double-space lines.
Ctrl+ 5 Set 1.5-line spacing.
Ctrl+ 0 Add or remove one-line space preceding a paragraph.
Ctrl + K Insert hyperlink
Ctrl+ E Switch a paragraph between centered and left-aligned.
Ctrl+ J Switch a paragraph between justified and left-aligned.
Ctrl+ R Switch a paragraph between right-aligned and left-aligned.
Ctrl+ L Left aligns a paragraph.
Ctrl+ M Indent a paragraph from the left.
Ctrl+ Shift+ M Remove a paragraph indent from the left.
Ctrl+ T Create a hanging
Ctrl+ Shift+ T Reduce an indent.
Ctrl+ Q Remove paragraph formatting.
Ctrl+ Shift+ S Open Apply Styles task pane.
Alt+ Ctrl+ Shift+ S Open Styles task pane.
Alt+ Ctrl+ K Start AutoFormat.
Ctrl+ Shift+ N Apply the Normal style.
Alt+ Ctrl+ 1 Apply the Heading 1 style.
Alt+ Ctrl+ 2 Apply the Heading 2 style.
Alt+ Ctrl+ 3 Apply the Heading 3 style.

All Function Key Shortcut:  

F1 Help
F2 Move selected text
F3 Insert Building Block
F4 Repeat the last action.
F5 Go To command.
F6 Skip the next pane or frame.
F8 Extend a selection.
F7 Spelling check.
F9 Refresh.
F10 Display ribbon key tip letters.
F11 Go to the next field in the document.
F12 Save As command.
Shift+ F1 Start context-sensitive Help
Shift+ F2 Copy text.
Shift+ F3 Change the case of letters.
Shift+ F4 Recover or Go To action.
Shift+ F5 Move to the last change.
Shift+ F6 Go to the previous window or frame
Shift+ F7 Choose the Thesaurus
Shift+ F8 Shrink a selection.
Shift+ F9 Switch between a field code and its result.
Shift+ F10 a shortcut menu.
Shift+ F11 Go to the previous field.
Shift+ F12 Choose the Save command.
Ctrl+ F9 Insert an empty field.
Ctrl+ F11 Lock a field.
Ctrl+ Shift+F3 Insert the contents of the Spike.
Ctrl+ Shift+F5 Edit a bookmark.
Ctrl+ Shift+F6 Go to the previous window.
Ctrl+ Shift+F7 Update linked information.
Ctrl+ Shift+ F8 Extend a selection or block.
Ctrl+ Shift+ F9 Unlink a field.
Ctrl+ Shift+ F11 Unlock a field.
Ctrl+ Shift+ F12 Choose the Print command
Ctrl+ Alt+ F1 Display Microsoft Information.
Ctrl+ Alt+ F2 Choose the Open command
Alt+ F1 Go to the next field.
Alt+ F3 a new Building Block.
Alt+ F4 Exit Office Word 2007.
Alt+ F5 Restore the program window size.
Alt+ F6 Make the Office Assistant balloon active
Alt+ F7 Find the next misspelling or grammatical error.
Alt+ F8 Run a macro.
Alt+ F9 Switch between all field codes and their effects.
Alt+ F10 Maximize the program window.
Alt+ F11 Display Microsoft Visual Basic code.
Alt+ Shift+ F1 Go to the previous field.
Alt+ Shift+ F2 Choose the Save command
Alt+ Shift+ F7 Display the Research task pane.
Alt+ Shift+ F9 Display the field results.
Alt+ Shift+ F10 A menu or message for a smart tag.
Alt + Shift +A Collfall or show all text or titles.
Alt+ Shift+ K A mail merges.
Alt+ Shift+ N Merge a document.
Alt+ Shift+ M Print the merged document.
Alt+ Shift+ E Edit a mail-merge data document.
Alt+ Shift+ F Insert a merge field.
Alt + Shift + C Close Reviewing pane
Alt+ Shift+ D Insert a DATE field.
Alt+ Shift+ P Insert a Page field.
Alt+ Shift+ T The trademark symbols.

If you have a comment about this article, any question, or a shortcut you would like to share with me, let me know. Feel free to share any views regarding this post.

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