jobs to work from home

How to Earn Money Online at Home in Lockdown  

jobs to work from home

Earn Money Online: Nowadays everyone wants to make money and become rich in a short time period. Basically, during the situation of Lockdown, many people have lost his job and facing a lot of problems day by day. Jobs to work from home is the best and easiest way to make money online without any investment.  

Today I am sharing about 10 best online jobs to work from home in Lockdown. Online jobs totally depend upon your skill and efforts and it also provides jobs security.

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Let begins...

1. Freelance Job 


In India there a large number of freelancers who earn a handsome amount of money by freelancing jobs. A freelancer is a person who works independently, independently, who provides professional services of a particular type without establishing a special contractual relationship with a client or business.

Freelancing means that you can work from home or office for your client's job from home. Most freelancers are temporary, who works for the client, and that client pays a good amount of money. There is no boundation to choose work. It allows jobs from home.

It provides an opportunity to choose your work as you like. There are many websites where you can take a freelancing project.  

2. Virtual Assistants  

The virtual assistant comes from the term itself is "Virtual" meaning your work will be online not face to face. You are an assistant in a term that you're going to assist with something to your client. You're going to help your client from other places with their work. There are a lot of different kinds of Virtual assistant Many are real estate virtual assistants meaning your client is a real estate agent or a broker.  

What are the skills that are usually required?  

  • You need to have admin skills.   

What are the admin skills, so that would include Backend jobs like typing, entering data? You know how to use Microsoft office however nowadays we don't usually use Office because Clients prefer to do it online with google drive So google drive is the same with Microsoft office.  

  • A common skill that is a plus and required is basic photo editing.   

Examples are, fixing photo orientation. If the photo is misaligned, you need to correct it or if it's dark you will brighten it just basic skills guys But of course, if you are knowledgeable in Photoshop, Illustrator then that's definitely a plus. But if you are just starting out you only need to have basic skills.   

  • What are the other skills...?   

You also need to know how to handle phone calls. But not all VA's job requires you to handle calls. You should be able to speak well or at least you can converse well in English because as an assistant sometimes your client will ask you to call someone.  So, whoever you're calling, should be able to understand you.  

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3. Micro Tasks  

Micro jobs are small, easy tasks that can be completed in a short amount of time, and they earn you between three to 100 dollars. These jobs are often the best online jobs at home, and you can do them from home, and they don't require an interview, meetings, or set hours. 

They're great for making extra money on the side, although micro jobs can be competitive, and the pay isn't always great. But if you're in a pinch and need money fast, micro-jobs that pay same day cash might be the perfect opportunity. You can find the most micro jobs online. 

There are a variety of micro job sites that offer options to workers who want to get paid to do tasks online. But if you don't want to work from you can also find community-based micro jobs like helping neighbors with short household tasks like lawn mowing or grocery shopping 

best places to find micro jobs online.  

  • Amazon Mechanical Turk or MTurk.   
  • Swagbucks.   
  • inbox dollars.   
  • Fiverr.   
  • Clickworker  
  • Appen  
  • ySense.   
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4. Online Tutoring  

If you are good at something like this, you can teach juniors from home, by giving online tuition. Reports tell us that online education is going to be a $ 319 market in the next 5 years. 

People have accepted this further, they have read about the benefit of online education, they also understood that along with cost-effective this is more beneficial. About 300 million students going to school in India. 

You can think that how big is this opportunity to share your knowledge with everyone. If you start a business of teaching online, then after some time it will return a revenue which you had never expected in a positive way i.e. it will give you a lot of profits in terms of money and knowledge. 

5. User Testing Review 

User testing is the method used in construction to find a website, product / MVP (Low-Quality Product), feature, or specific type tested by real users. 

It is the best way to make money online by testing websites and sharing your experience in the form of a screen recording. User testing is the process through which the interface and functions of a website, app, product, or service are tested by real users who perform specific tasks. Target your audience on the diverse User Testing Panel or connect with your own users. Get feedback within hours. 

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6. Transcription 

Now transcription can be a great option for those looking to work from home for the first time, especially those who love data entry and typing. Along with having a great ear and some great grammar skills as well. transcription can be a great opportunity for those that are looking to work from home for the first time. 

You are going to be able to use your typing skills, some research skills, there's no phone involved, so really all you're going to need is some great typing skills, grammar skills, and the ability to listen to the text and type it into words.


7. Video Influencer  

A video influencing the type of sponsored content created by a YouTuber, an Instagram star, or other promotional promoters. Itis is growing very fast in India. This is because, the population is growing very fast, the mobile phone is rapidly spreading and the internet is the cheapest in India compare to other countries. 

This is why now a day's video content is becoming very popular. You must have seen that everyone likes to watch videos instead of reading something. You can think that about 70% of the internet is data consumption by video content. So, you can guess how much benefit is in this field to compare with other fields. You can do better earning. 

8. Translation Service 

Translation Services we are experts in document translation for the most demanding companies. If you know any regional language then you can offer translation services.

Today many companies and many services want to translate their contact into another language. He wanted his website to be built in Bengali, Gujrati, and Tamil, etc. Even many Book publishers want to translate incoming books in a different language. 

If you have a command on any regional language, then you can offer this service online on the Internet. From here you can do a good earning without going anywhere. 

9. Reseller 

A reseller is a company or person who buys goods or services for the purpose of selling them rather than using or using them. You can buy products from a wholesaler and sell them online through your home at e-commerce websites like AmazonFlipkart, etc. 

People are using this e-commerce website and reselling products and they earn money from home in this lockdown. People are doing this thing; people are taking advantage of this and are also making a lot of profit. 

E-commerce is growing exponentially day by day and many people are taking advantage of it by doing it on a daily basis nowadays. 

10. Meme Marketing  

Meme marketing is one of the most powerful forms of social media marketing out there today. A lot of companies, a lot of brands, a lot of TV series, and a lot of other channels are reaching through the logo of Meme Marketing Company

This is a very easy way for your brand to reach people. Today Meme Marketing is slowly growing. And this will become a huge scope of freelancing in the coming days. 

Even today, Peoples are taking a good income very easily if you have an interest in this type of work you can give service by making memes from which you can earn a good income. 

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Thank you so much for giving me quality time for my article. If you have any quarry or any problems with "jobs to work from home", let us know. 

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