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In this article, I am focusing on Willpower, which is grabbed by performing Meditation. And I will also explain what happens in meditation? 

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Willpower: Willpower is extremely very similar to a muscle, and sort of a muscle, it tends to urge exhausted with use. However, just like the muscles willpower can also be developed. That is the nature of this brain

If you apply it to math problems again and again it becomes better at them. If somebody engages in juggling, that portion of the brain which is engaged in juggling tends to develop, and similarly, we will develop our willpower by exerting it. 

So, a little bit of willpower exercise. A simple exercise, 

for example-

The body says you would like to scratch, but you desist, I will be able to not. Now it's going to appear to be a little thing, but if you are doing it, you'll discover that the willpower has started increasing, and a good more powerful way of developing the willpower. What is that? Meditation. 


What happens in meditation? 

Imagine what it would be like to have complete control over your thoughts and feeling. With this, you will be able to control your action and control your habits. Which will change your whole life. 

Meditation is like a cheat code so that you can move forward a lot in your life. 

It has a lot of benefits. 

Such as- 

  • Meditation increase self-control 
  • Weight loss 
  • Management of anger issues 
  • Control on Anxiety attacks 
  • Meditation for sleep better
  • Better health 
  • Increase your focus 

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You sit down to meditate, will think of God or whatever is the object of your meditation, and the mind says no I don't enjoy this I would rather think of so-and-so. Now the intellect controls the mind hey come here. 

So, whenever the mind wants to stray you pull the mind back by exerting the muscle of self-control. What is the consequence, in three hours of meditation you'll find that your willpower has jumped many rungs, try it, and do, it and it's not even necessary that you succeed in your meditation. 

Because even if you are not succeeding, you are still exerting your willpower. You are every time practicing. that focus, that concentration is an application of your self-control. 

And self-control developed in one area of life will stand you in good stead altogether the opposite areas. So, endeavor to enhance this muscle of willpower through practices such as meditation and by listening to meditation music.

Thank you!

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So, these were some important information about willpower. I hope this article "Willpower and Meditation" is beneficial to you all. 

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