Crude Palm Oil : What It is and Why It's Important

Crude Palm Oil, also known as a salad oil, is alternate oil produced by the heating extraction process of the fatty acids found in palm trees. It is used in the production of foods, such as cakes, cookies, breakfast cereals, crackers, and snack foods.

crude palm oil
crude palm oil

What is Crude Palm Oil:

Crude Palm oil is the most widely used vegetable oil in the world. it is produced from the fruit of the oil palm trees "Elaeis guineensis", a member of the genus "Elaeis"

Crude Palm oil can be extracted from green, yellow, or ripe pulp seeds of the palm.  

Historically, Crude Palm Oil has been predominantly produced in Southeast Asia, particularly in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Today, good palm oil is also produced in more tropical regions of the world, such as the Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, and the Congo. 


Some of the Major Crude Palm Oil-producing countries are- 

Indonesia (34%),  

Malaysia (20%),  

Ghana (8.8%),  

India (5%),  

Philippines (5.3%)  

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (4.6%).  

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Understanding the step of Crude Palm oil Production:

The process of Crude Palm Oil production is very simple. There are three major steps involved in the manufacturing process.

Firstly, the pulp is cleaned and dried. then, the oil is extracted from the oils. 

Secondly, it is separated from the water and then pressed. 

Thirdly, the oil is evaporated. The resulting oil is then packed and exported. 

The fruit pulp is washed, pressed, sieved, dried, and then ground into a pulp. The pressed or torn pulp is then fermented, usually at temperatures between 22°C to 25°C for several months, and therefore this makes palm oil the ideal vegetable oil for frying foods. 

Crude Palm Oil is cultivated in an area called the oil palm plantations, which are areas of land that have been cleared of most of the forest. It is a process that may take several years to complete. This process causes great damage to the environment. To produce edible oil, it is important to extract the oil from the fruit in a controlled way. 


Use Of Palm Oil:

Crude Palm Oil is commonly used in Western countries for cooking and food processing because it is a stable liquid that does not become rancid easily. 


Palm oil is also used for the manufacture of soaps, cosmetics, margarine, biodiesel, ice cream, bakery products, and in the manufacturing of packaging materials, cosmetics, nylon, polyester, ink, paper, printing ink, flooring tar, and roofing tar.


Crude Palm Oil is also used as a solvent and lubricant in paints, adhesives, plastics, and toothpaste, as a biofuel, and in the production of biodiesel.  

The edible part of the fruit, the fruit skin, may be used in cooking.  

The palm fruit is also used to produce edible oil, lecithin, palm kernel oil, and biodiesel.  


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Health Benefits of Crude Palm Oil:

The crude palm oil is mixed with toothpaste to kill bacteria on the teeth and is also effective as a skin lotion to cure eczema (Dermatitis), as a deodorant, to prevent psoriasis, and as a breath freshener. 

The palm oil is used to produce "Olav Thon" brand baby oil. (Best 5 Baby Massage Oil)

Nutritionist Claudia Schneider wrote that "a little palm oil mixed with coconut oil may be used as an ointment on smallpox." 

The palm is also important as a source of tissue extracts for herbal medicines. 

Crude Palm Oil has been used for healing skin wounds, dry skin, wounds, scratches, burns, bites, bruises, sores, and leprosy. 

Palm oil benefits for skin- Palm oil is used to remove warts and skin malignancy (skin cancer). 

The palm tree leaves are used as a green dye. 

Another traditional use of the fruit was in the preparation of an ointment that used the kernel as a suspension in the oil to be applied on internal and external wounds to purify the wound and disinfect it. 


Does Crude Palm Oil have any Side Effects?

Palm oil is very healthy for consumption, except when it comes to cancer patients. 

Some studies have shown that a great number of cancer patients are often exposed to cancer by ingesting this vegetable oil. 

Palm oil might damage the kidneys and the liver as per studies.  

Diabetic patients do not consume palm oil because it might lead to a more rapid occurrence of diabetes. (Healthy breakfast diet)

In some cases, crude palm oil might decrease the blood levels of iron and thereby weaken the body’s ability to function properly. 

More consumption of palm oil could have an effect on blood pressure levels, and also lead to kidney or liver problems. 

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Warning: It is therefore advisable to be very careful with the consumption of this oil. to do this, it might be better to follow the guidance of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and make sure you are consuming palm oil as recommended by the manufacturers. 


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