How to reset an android phone | iPhone, Samsung

Have you ever locked yourself out of your smartphone? It has happened to probably everyone once in the while; if it is your Android device, Samsung, iPhone, fortunately, there are a few solutions to unlock a locked device. Moreover, the solutions are simple enough even for a beginner to try out how to reset an android phone. 

how to reset an android phone
 How to reset an android phone

Hello guys, today let’s talk about the question "how to reset an android phone". If you forgot your android password or pattern, and couldn’t unlock it. Or maybe you’ve tried many times of incorrect pattern drawn. 

And, while you are planning to buy a new phone or setting it up, it is important that you give your old android phone a proper factory reset before selling or trading it. 

Do you know how to unlock your phone? There’s nothing worse than your phone running slowly, apps crashing or freezing, or pages failing to load in your web browser. 

Did you realize that the problem could be caused by your phone’s cache? The cache is made up of small pieces of information stored by your web browsers and apps in order to improve performance, and when cached files become overloaded or corrupted, performance issues are often the result. 

So, today I’m going to show you an efficient way of how to reset an android phone, reset an iPhone, and how to reset a Samsung mobile.

What to do before resetting a phone android

The most common way of resetting an android phone when locked is by hard reset. You can hard reset your android phone to unlock it. 

Remember hard reset will erase all the data stored on your phone. So hard reset will unlock your phone, but you will not get your stored data back on it. 

So, if you have no recent backup for your phone data, beware of that before going for a hard reset. 


After you have done transferring and creating a backup of all your essential data like contacts, images, videos, personal chats, documents, and other data to the new phone, make sure you log out of your personal accounts before resetting everything from the phone.  



How to reset a phone android when not locked 

Before we begin, keep in mind that a factory reset will destroy all of your phone's data. If you haven't already done so, you should back up your contacts, photos, movies, documents, and anything else.  

Depending on the brand of your Android phone, the processes for doing a factory reset may differ. Before resetting an android phone, make sure that your phone is fully charged or plugged in. “Resets can take a long time”. 


I've used the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro. 


1. Open the Settings on your phone.  

2. Click on About phone. 

3. Search and click on the Factory reset option. 

4. If you really want to reset your phone then hit on Erase all data. Factory reset will erase all your data from the device. So before resetting an android phone backup all items to your computer or Xiaomi Cloud. 

5. Enter pin, password, or lock to continue. 

6. Wait for counting then click okAgain, wait for some time and press ok. 

7. Now, there's no need to do anything because the entire procedure is automated. 


How to reset an android phone that is locked

The steps for doing a factory reset an android phone may vary depending on the manufacturer. 

I've used the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro. 


1. First of all turn off your android device.  

2. Hold down the Power and Volume up buttons together for a few seconds until the screen appears. 

Note: In some devices power and volume down buttons may work. 

3. Then Recovery mode screen will appear on your phone screen. 

4. You may now scroll with the Volume down button and make selections with the Power button 

5. Press the volume down button to move on wipe data. Now press the power button to select wipe data. 

6. Select wipe all data by pressing the power button. 

7. Now select confirm and press the power button. 

8. Wait for processes. After getting the message “Data wiped Successfully” click on Back to the main menu by pressing the power button. 

9. Select Reboot and press the power button again. 

10. Click on Reboot to System by pressing the power button. 


How to reset an iPhone: 

I'll show you how to reset your iPhone to factory default today. This will let you delete all of the data on it, disconnect it from your account, and make it so that you can easily sell it to the next person who wants to buy it. This process is totally different from resetting an android phone. 

So, in order to do this properly, you'll need the device's passcode to unlock it, as well as the iCloud account password. You won't be able to reset it if you don't know the passcode or password. If you need to reset your password, go to in google and follow the instructions there. 


How to back up iPhone using iCloud

Now, before you delete everything from your iPhone, make sure you have a backup. If you wish to use iCloud to back up, it's even easier as long as you have enough storage and you do it by... 

1. Go to the iPhone's settings. 

2. Tap on your name in the settings. 

3. Then go to iCloud under your name. 

4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find iCloud backup under iCloud. 

5. Now click on iCloud backup, and you'll notice that it's turned on. As long as it's backing up everything, it'll show you the most recent successful backup below, and you're ready to go. 


Steps to Reset an iPhone properly

1. Go to the iPhone's Settings. 

2. Scroll down to General in Settings. 

3. Tap Reset at the bottom of the General page. 

4. Select Erase All Content and Settings to factory reset your iPhone. 

5. Your device will ask you to confirm that you wish to clear everything once you enter your passcode 

6. To confirm, tap Erase. 

7. Depending on how much data you have on your iPhone, this could take a few minutes, but after it's done, your device will resume as new. 


How to reset Samsung with different models: 

1. How to reset different Samsung when not locked 

Steps for resetting Android OS Version 7.0+ (Nougat) & Above 

(This will really be the best answer to how to reset an android phone.)

1.  Swipe up on the Home Screen or press on Apps to access the Apps menu. 

2. Select Settings. 

3. Scroll down to General Management and touch it. 

4. Reset by pressing the Reset button. 

5. Select Factory data reset from the drop-down menu. 

6. Reset may be found at the bottom of the page. 

7. Verify that you are aware that all data has been lost and cannot be restored. Select Delete All from the drop-down menu. 

8. Tap Confirm after entering your Samsung Account Password. 

Steps for resetting Android OS Version 6.0+ (Marshmallow) & Android OS Version 5.0+ (Lollipop) 

1. Reset your device by going to Settings Backup. 

2. Select Factory data reset from the drop-down menu. 

3. Reset the device by pressing the Reset Device button. 

4. Tap Continue after entering your lock screen passwords. 

5. By touching on Erase Everything, you confirm that you understand that all data will be destroyed. 

6. Your Samsung phone will restart and the Factory Data Reset process will begin. 

2. How to hard reset Samsung galaxy when locked 

Turn the Samsung device off. If your device is locked, you will be prompted to enter your PIN, password, or pattern in order to turn it off. If you forget your PIN, password, or pattern, your device will turn off when the battery runs out. 

1. Using the buttons on your smartphone, access the recovery menu. Depending on your device, the button combination may be different.

Each model has its own set of steps: All of them are listed below; choose the one that better fits your model. 

  • If your device includes a physical home button (such as the Galaxy S6 or S7), simultaneously press and hold the Volume Up, Home, and Power buttons. Release the Power button when you feel the phone vibrate. A menu will appear after your device vibrates again. Release the remaining buttons once you see this. 

  • If your device (for example, the S8, S9, S10/S10+) does not have a physical home button but does have a separate Power button, press the Volume Up, Bixby, and Power keys at the same time until your device vibrates and the Samsung logo displays. After that, you can depress all of the buttons.


  • If your smartphone (for example, the Note10, Fold, or Z Flip) does not have a home button or a separate Power button, press the Volume Up and Side buttons simultaneously until your device vibrates and the Samsung logo displays. The buttons can then be released. 

2. Once the recovery menu appears on your device, select Delete all user data or Wipe data/factory reset with the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons, then hit the Power button to confirm. 

3. Confirm your choice by pressing the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons. You may need to pick Yes or Factory data reset depending on your device. To select, press the Power button. 

4. The factory reset will take place on your smartphone. Data wipe complete will appear at the bottom of the screen once the process is complete. Select Reboot device by pressing the Power button.


5. You may be prompted to enter your Google password when your device has rebooted. To gain access to your device, enter your passwords. 


Adopting simple resetting techniques can help you deal with the situation more successfully when it comes to "how to reset an android phone." Now that you know how to reset a phone android, double-check that you're following all of the basic procedures correctly. One incorrect action can result in the death of your Android, Samsung, or iPhone. Thank you for making contact with me. 


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