How to stop spam texts 100% Working | Govt. new rule, Heavy fine

How to stop spam texts: Companies employ telemarketing or bulk SMS to grow their businesses. The companies' efforts create a concern for the general public. Robocalls or SMS settings can wake you up at any time, whether you're asleep or working on something vital. 

How to stop spam texts
How to stop spam texts

The government has undertaken two major arrangements to address the people's difficulties and try to stop spam texts, robocalls, and junk mail. Every unsolicited business call or message will now be subject to a fine of up to Rs 10,000. 

At the same time, if the consumer so desires, he can opt-out of receiving unsolicited messages. To stop receiving robocalls and text messages from unknown numbers, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has proposed an SMS-based blocking method

Customers can report or opt out of receiving promotional SMSs under this arrangement. After you report or opt-out, companies will no longer be able to send you promotional messages. And this will be the best answer to the question for android or iPhone users "how to stop spam texts".


Method to stop spam text messages as per new govt. provision. 

1. Unlock your android, then open your mobile's message apps from the menu.

2. This message must be sent to 1909 

3. In the message field, type STOP <header Name> and send it to 1909. 

for example, if you want to stop spam text from Paytm messages, type STOP IPAYTM into your message box and send it to 1909. 



How to block text spam

1. Never respond to unwanted text messages or voice messages directly. 

Replying directly to a spam text message informs the spammer that your phone number is legitimate. So, what's next? They may sell your phone number to other spammers, who may contact you with offers of free gifts or product discounts. 

2. Don't click or reply on any of the rorbotexts text message links. 

Clicking on a link in a spam text message could put malware on your phone that collects data. It may steal your personal information. It may also result in unauthorized charges on your phone account. 

Whether or not you requested a text message, your phone provider may charge you for getting it. Your information can be sold to marketers or, worse, identity thieves after the spammer get it from texts spam messages.

3. Check, if you receive an international call and the phone displays an Indian number or no number, call the Dot toll-free line, 1800110420 / 1963, as soon as possible. This step will stop all illegal SMS services.

4. Inform your wireless provider about spam SMS. 

Send any questionable or spam texts to the number 7726, which stands for SPAM, so your carrier can look into it. Don't worry, text messages forwarded to 7726 are free and do not use up your text plan. 

5. Block that unknown number. 

You have the option of blocking spam text from a specific phone number. The one disadvantage of this step is that the fraudster may contact you using a different phone number, but it's worth it if you keep receiving texts from the same sender. How to stop spam texts? Follow the above steps to get better results to stop spam text.



The company will have to pay heavy fines for unwanted spam text

The Department of Telecommunications (DOT) has made large fines a possibility while tightening the noose on annoying phone calls and spam texts.  

It is proposed that a fine of Rs 10,000 be charged on each call and unwanted message, with an SMS being sent to the caller after 50 violations. 

The plan includes a provision for punishment of Rs 1,000 per violation for zero to ten breaches, Rs 5,000 for ten to fifty violations, and Rs 10,000 for more than fifty infractions. 


There may be a ban for 2 years for spam text messages 

If the harassing caller then switches devices, the system will add the new device's IMEI number to the suspicious list until re-verification is accomplished. 

If the troublesome caller's number is activated after re-verification and is discovered to be breaking the rules again, the new connection will be limited to 20 calls and 20 SMS per day for the next six months. 

"If the violation continues after then," the source stated, "the identification and address documents used to obtain the telecom connection would be prohibited for a period of two years." This is the best way to how to stop spam texts from companies.


Strict provision by The Department of Telecommunications for unsolicited text message 

“In the event of re-verification, all numbers will be disconnected, and the IMEI associated with them will be added to the suspicious list,” the insider continued.

Any call including SMS or data (internet) for the IMEI on the suspect list will not be permitted for a period of 30 days." 

Any calls, SMS, or data made by the offended caller will be re-verified by the new connection using the device with the IMEI number specified in the suspect list. 


When it comes to "how to stop spam texts" adopting basic steps and utilizing your phone's and carrier's privacy options will help you deal with spam text more effectively. Now that you've learned how to block spam messages, make sure you're covering all of your bases by taking the required safeguards to protect your online activities and identity. 

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