How to reduce radiation from mobile: 5 Simple Ways To Protect Yourself

How to reduce radiation from mobile: Today mobile has become an integral part of our life. If the mobile is away from us even for a minute, then it seems that something is missing in our life. 24 hours a day and 7 days of the week has become like a relationship with mobile. Besides this, are you aware that your smartphone is responsible for 50% or more of your EMF radiation exposure? and do you know how to reduce radiation from mobile? 

As a result, I'd like to share 5 radiation-reduction techniques with you today, so you can lower your risk and help prevent cancer in the future.

How to reduce radiation from mobile

Before going about how to reduce radiation from mobile, why not we should know something about radiation so that there should be no problem in understanding this article.  

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What is Radiation? 

The absorption and transformation of energy in the form of particles, waves, or electromagnetic radiation are referred to as radiation. A highly radioactive substance that has been transported via the air or water is referred to as radiation. 

The term "radio" is derived from the Greek word "radios," which means "beaming." It is possible that this substance will cause disease or death if it comes into touch with human flesh. 

We could power the entire planet with only one solar panel if we could beam electricity directly from the Sun to Earth. Although this concept may appear futuristic, it is a reality in the medical field. 

Types of radiation:

There are four major types of radiation: Gamma rays, alpha, beta, neutrons, and other electromagnetic waves


Gamma rays and beta rays are two kinds of radiation that may pass through individuals, but they have different impacts. Most illnesses are diagnosed by alpha-particle detection of blood because alpha particles are highly penetrating. 

As a result, medical practitioners are taught to look for aberrant alpha-particle counts as one of the major methods for diagnosing cancer.


Neutrons have a high penetration rate. This is one of the key reasons why nuclear medicine is such an important branch of medicine. The medical profession's capacity to use neutrons can aid in the identification of malignant and non-cancerous tissue.


How cell phone radiation affects your body:

Following the FDA's recent announcement that Radio Frequency radiation from cell phones may be highly harmful to your health, new research claims that the same radiation that can cause cancer can also lead you to gain weight. 

According to the research female rats exposed to 1.8 MHz, RF radiation gained more visceral fat than those who did not utilize the devices. Visceral fat is hazardous to your health since it is found deep within the body. 

To put it another way, fat accumulates around your organs, such as your liver and pancreas, increasing your chance of developing chronic health issues. 

As a result, physicians advise that obese persons refrain from using mobile phones since the continuous radiation can harm fat cells, putting their health and metabolism in danger. 

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The harmful effects of radiation: 

Ionizing radiation can cause cancer in the brain, lungs, liver, thyroid, kidneys, bones, blood, and lymph, according to the World Health Organization. We have a good understanding of how radiation interacts with live tissue and how it affects the body. 

Every day, we are exposed to modest amounts of radiation from our natural surroundings. We know that excessive amounts of radiation may cause cancer, damage babies, and even cause death. 

A dosage given over a lengthy period of time is less hazardous than a single dose. A dosage administered to a specific region of the body is less hazardous than a dose administered to the entire body. Radiation has a higher sensitivity in children and young adults. 

Ionizing radiation is a kind of radiation that has enough energy to knock electrons out of atoms. Because ionizing radiation may impact the atoms in living things, it can harm tissue and DNA in genes, posing a health concern.

How To Reduce Radiation From Mobile

As we shift to wireless technology and smartphones include wireless data networks with lower radiation resistance, our phones will inevitably produce radiation. Radio waves have previously been shown to have a negative impact on human health. 

We don't notice this in direct relation to phone signals, but the impacts of energy emitted by electronics may be seen in a variety of common circumstances. 

The quality and amount of power we put into our devices, phones, radios, and televisions mean that the radio waves we are exposed to are magnified, resulting in a larger risk of severe health consequences.  

Here is some important point by answering the question "How to reduce radiation from mobile."

(a): Decreasing the distance between you and the source of radiation: 

The single most essential thing you can do to protect yourself is to reduce the distance between you and the source of radiation. For a long time, scientists have known this to be true. 

To minimize the danger of cancer from a high dosage of radiation, scientists at the University of Southern California and UCLA are working on a new type of hypodermic needle that can absorb radiation up to 60% farther. 


(b): Turning off your phone (or at least putting it on airplane mode):

Turning off your phone (or at the very least putting it on Aeroplan mode) to protect yourself from radiation is popular advice, and also a solid answer to how to reduce radiation from mobile. 

The majority of the radiation emitted by our mobile and other gadgets and also comes from a microwave or emitted by antennas within them, rather than from the devices themselves. 

When you put your phone on Aeroplan mode, you might as well be pouring radio signals into the air.  

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(c): Avoid using your mobile when the signal is weak:

The government advises people not to use their mobile when there is no service or when the signal is poor. Making phone calls is still secure, but using mobile data, such as surfing the Internet, texting, or installing applications, is not. 

Users may be exposed to radiation as a result of these actions, posing a health risk. 

Users can avoid certain activities that are known to generate radiation to guarantee that they do not wind up in a scenario where they are exposed to radiation. 

The warning emphasizes the hazards of radiation exposure from cell phones and other electronic gadgets. 

People using smartphones consume a significant amount of mobile data during the day, according to a 2017 research by the Cellular Operators Association of India. 


(d): Switching to a 3G network rather than a 4G network: 

According to a new study, turning off your smartphone while sleeping can decrease or possibly eliminate the harm caused by mobile phone radiation, potentially improving the quality of sleep for millions of individuals. 

You may not realize it, but mobile phone radiation may have a variety of negative consequences on your body, particularly your brain. 

Even a brief period without using your phone – such as while it's in 'Aeroplan mode' – can create a variety of issues in the regions of your brain that regulate your attentiveness and memory, especially in older individuals and those who use their phones often. 

We know that when your body is exposed to high amounts of radiation, it produces free radicals, which can damage your DNA and DNA-related genes. Mobile phones provide the greatest danger of radiation exposure when they are used for extended periods of time. 

These harm your DNA by boosting the activity of your DNA repair genes, as well as lowering the function of key genes involved in the synthesis of brain proteins that control alertness and memory. Stopping mobile phone radiation from reaching the brain is the only method to lessen these effects.

(e): Reduce your time on your phone or mobile: 

If you possess a smartphone and use it to make calls, check Facebook, or check email on a regular basis, it's definitely time to upgrade. 40% of all smartphone users believe their phone has harmed their personal relationships and health. 

With recent research revealing dangerous levels of mobile phone radiation exposure, now is a wonderful opportunity to wean yourself off of your phone and decrease your exposure.

While it may be difficult to conceive of your phone as a source of radiation, it is a significant source of radiation in our surroundings. Cell phones, often known as mobile phones, are pocket-sized microphones and transmitters that may be fastened to a belt or shirt or linked to the dashboard of a car. As per my view, this is the best answer to how to reduce radiation from mobile.


New research has been released that may assist consumers in making an educated decision about whether or not to get a new cell phone. According to research published in JAMA, mobile phone radio waves may be related to a rise in two kinds of cancer. 

Two forms of brain tumors have been linked to a person's exposure to radio-frequency electromagnetic fields, according to Duke University researchers. Children and teenagers, as well as those who had used their cell phones for 10 years or more, were shown to be the most vulnerable.

I hope this article "How to reduce radiation from mobile" is helpful for you all.

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